So, as of now, this is my entire makeup collection. It’s actually not as big as I thought it was, but I plan to really expand my collection this year.

Breaking down each photo:
1. First photo is all of my eyeshadow palettes, some from Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Sigma, BH Cosmetics, Too Faced and so on.

2. Second photo is all my lip products. I definitely want to expand more when it comes to my lip products! Brands include Lime Crime, Urban Decay, Milani, Kat Von D, Jesse’s Girl, etc.

3. Third photo is all my eye liners, gel liners, liquid liners, and glitter liners. Brands include a crap ton of Urban Decay, some old Hot Topic liners, Inglot, E.L.F, etc.

4. Fourth photo is a collection of single and smaller eyeshadow palettes. These are quite old, I wore these constantly during my high school years before I started getting into more higher end brands. Brands include NYX, L.A Color, Essence, etc.

5. Fifth photo is all my loose eyeshadow pigments. I really wanna expand my loose pigment collection this year. Brands include Sugarpill, M.A.C, Beautifully Addictive and LA Splash

6. Sixth photo is just another collection of single eyeshadows. These, however, are more new and more used than the ones in the other photo. Brands include Urban Decay, Sugarpill, Milani, etc.

7. Seventh photo is just a collection of miscellaneous cosmetics that I use for my face, depotted NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils, mascaras, and also free samples that I got with my purchases. I know, I have a lot of UD primers lol. Brands include Urban Decay, Kat Von D, NYX, Benefit, Smashbox, etc.

well, that’s my whole collection. I can’t wait to watch it grow even more. 

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